Fresh seafood at the Hong Bin Restaurant

So my Taiwan posts this time are in random order. Yeah, I had this bowl with the entries, and I picked out which of my delayed posts will go first. Lol. I didn’t really do that but this stop was right after we visited Yehliu Geopark. There were several restaurants one could dine but this really called us in. Time for some fresh seafood at this resto!

I wasn’t able to take a good photo of its space but it was quite small. I do think they have a 2nd floor but I wasn’t able to take a peek. I was pretty hungry that time so my focus was more on the food. 😛

Fried Rice with Egg

Steamed Live Fish

Steamed Shrimps

Ah…seafood! I just love eating seafood. Especially the fresh ones which is quite evident here. I wasn’t able to take note of the price but it was quite reasonable. The fried rice we paired with the dishes was just flavorful. One could actually eat it on its own. As for the Steamed Live Fish and Steamed Shrimps, simply wonderful! I find that dishes made in that simple manner really makes the meat shine more. I just found it odd that they have wasabi for the shrimp.

I’m unsure how the other restos faired to this. But it was a good one. And it was all thanks to the lady here who welcomingly waved at us at this resto.

Hong Bin Restaurant
No. 159, Gangdong Road,
Wanli District,
Xinbei, Taiwan


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