Failed visit to the Jiufen Old Street

And I blame it all on my headache that day. With the crowd at our hour of visit, it made my head ache even more. That’s how I am. I wasn’t able to take all the commotion and action on this side. We did go early on in the night at around 6PM. But that probably wasn’t a good timing as the narrow streets were crowded. There were even passing vehicles (not just motorcycles but cars) going in. One must really be on their guard at this street.

We didn’t get the chance to view the iconic spot at this area. The path going there was super duper crowded. A lot of people were pushing already. I attempted but with my headache, I gave up. It was just not worth it so better stay safe. Some opt to stay in at this area and go here early in the morning where the crowd isn’t at its peak. There are good finds at this street that I heard were cheaper than other places in Taiwan. And there are tasty treats as well which I enjoyed.

There are areas where it isn’t so crowded.

This is one of the famous snacks here. It’s an ice cream that was rolled in peanuts and wrapped in this rice paper. I would liken the consistency of the ice cream to that of the dirty ice cream in the Philippines. It had this icy texture. The overall taste wasn’t sweet and was just right. A good snack while strolling along this busy street.

If the line is long, you just line up too for you know it’s gonna be good. This is one of them where people were lining up. Not sure what they call this but I think it’s a mochi with a red bean filling. It was so good that we lined up to order another batch to take home.

Despite the seemingly failed visit, we won in terms of food. The snacks here were a real winner for that visit. The rest are just sad really. Even our trip going home was quite sad and shocking to say the least. We had a hard time looking for a bus. The bus stop was crowded and whenever a bus going to Taipei arrived, people would rush to it. I almost got stuck at some point bec. of the crowd. We were tempted to take a cab but those were being grabbed as well. We finally got the chance to have a ride back home where I got to take a rest (my head was throbbing by that time). So for those visiting this place, brace yourselves for that. Or better book an accommodation near the area and go super early in the morning to have a winning visit at this street.

Jiufen Old Street
Jishan Street, Ruifang District,
New Taipei City,
Taiwan 224


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