Feeling that Taipei 101 high

One can just admire this from afar. Whether you see it during daytime or nighttime, I believe that anytime is good. It has become a trademark of Taiwan. You would see it in countless travel promos to this land. It’s just magnificently made as it shines against that sky background.

The ticket isn’t cheap at around PhP 1,000. We got ours via Klook where it was at a discounted price of PhP 898. The line was pretty orderly as they do it in batches. And the trip heading up was pretty interesting.

You could see how fast the elevator goes up. And there’s even a timer too!
The lights at the elevator was beautiful. It sets one up for some good sight seeing experience.
Almost there! And look at the time, 23 seconds!

There are amenities at that floor to make your visit enjoyable. But I was really there for the sights which I got to take some decent photos of.

It could have been pretty during the day but there’s just something magical capturing this at night. I liked the play of lights at this city.

A must-see here is the wind damper which is considered to be the largest in the world. This holds the whole building together especially during windy typhoons.

There’s an outdoor viewing deck but unfortunately, it was closed during our visit because of the weather. The exit going down had us waiting. There were many tourists that day as we visited it on a weekend. I skipped this during my first Taiwan visit but I wouldn’t mind skipping it again. It did have nice views but the ticket is quite expensive. But if you’re into those nice views, then a visit here wouldn’t be that bad.

Taipei 101
Xinyi Special District,
Xinyi District,
Taipei, Taiwan
Official website:Β  https://www.taipei-101.com.tw/


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