Trying out Modern Toilet

In my opinion, themed restaurants can be tricky. It should be a good mix of the concept that’s well integrated to the food. Of course, the food should be good too. There are lots of themed restos in Taiwan, and Modern Toilet has got to be the more famous one. It’s intriguing and at the same time, quite unique.

Hmm…how should I say this? Everything was poop-related? Hahaha. But it truly was. Down from the chair up to its walls, it was decked in just that. It truly stayed true to the whole theme.

Modern Toilet Chicken Curry (NTD 280)

Seafood with Cream Sauce Au Gratin (NTD 290)

Thai Pepper Chicken (NTD 270)

Rule of the game here is that each diner must order a dish. All of our meals came with rice, soup, appetizer and that signature dessert. As much as I applaud them for the presentation, the taste was disappointing. All our dishes tasted bland and wasn’t worth every penny. The only good thing were the Jasmine Iced Tea and the dessert.

Dining here would be for the mere sake of bragging rights. I already read reviews before stepping foot. I leveled my expectations, and wanted to prove those reviews wrong. But they were right. I think that most diners came here just for photo ops.

Modern Toilet
2F, No. 7,Lane 50,
Xining S. Rd.,
Taipei City
Official website:



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  1. We had this in Malaysia. It didn’t last. 😀 At the end of the day if food is mediocre, I think most people would just go for a one-off visit.

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