Seeing the flowers bloom at Zhong She Flower Farm

Isn’t it timely that I post this entry today? *wink*wink* Ahaha. I bet flowers, chocolate or what-have-you will be pouring out from almost everywhere. It is that month of love which actually should be celebrated everyday. So yeah, I am posting our visit here on this very day. I do wish though that I plucked some for take home. Hihihi πŸ™‚

We took the train going here which was a good 3hr ride. We got the tickets a day before since we didn’t get to go on our supposed scheduled visit. The weather in Taipei was quite gloomy so I was pleasantly surprised that it was bright and sunny over at this side. From this station, it was a good 20 minute walk. So better prepare your legs and enjoy the sights.

There were many tourists during our visit. We did go on a weekday, and it was nearing lunch time then. In case you get hungry, there is a BBQ buffet which is priced at NTD 320/head. Minimum charge for this is for 4 persons so if you are less than 4, you have to pay NTD 50 for that. The choices are good but I would recommend having lunch elsewhere. That grill scent will really stick to you after.

‘Twas a good visit to this lovely place! There are still areas being developed. I was actually worried that the flowers wouldn’t be in bloom but it seems to be well-maintained. For those visiting this place, I would suggest to go here really early to avoid the crowd, and to get those really good shots. πŸ™‚

Zhong She Flower Farm
No.469-13 Sanfeng Road,
Houli District
Taichung,Β Taiwan


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