Does Chia Te have the best pineapple cake?

And I was in the search for the best pineapple cake in town! It was said that Chia Te serves up one of the best. The long line is one proof that people would be waiting to buy goodies at this bakery. Upon entry, you would be getting a list and a pen where you could list all the treats you want to buy. This makes for faster payment.

They have lots of treats aside from those pineapple cakes. I got myself some nougat, walnut cookies and mung bean cake. What I like most about their display is that they place the shelf life of each. You are assured that you’re getting quality and homemade goodies. Now, time to judge if they do have the best pineapple cake in town! 😛

Melon Cake (NTD 35) and Pineapple Cake (NTD 30)

The ratio of the pastry and filling was just right. The cake itself wasn’t that crumbly that you get to taste the whole thing. It didn’t border on being sweet. As much as I liked their pineapple cake, I actually preferred their melon cake. It had a milder taste that really goes well on one’s palate.

Butter Mung Bean Cake (NTD 60)

I couldn’t help but buy this one too! I would liken this to a hopia. But this one had a crumbly exterior with lots, and I mean LOTS of filling. Just half of this cake could instantly make you full.

No wonder people line up here. They serve up good quality pastries that has made them known throughout the years. They may not have the best pineapple cake (I wanted that tangy pineapple taste) but they do have a variety of pastries to choose from. If given the chance to go back here, I would definitely line up and try their other goodies. 🙂

Chia Te
No. 88, Section 5, Nanjing East Road,
Songshan District, Taipei City,
Official website:


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