Accidental brunch at Fu Hang Soy Milk

Why accidental you might ask? Well, we were supposed to go to a different area but due to sudden changes, we decided to switch the itineraries. Actually, nothing goes as planned when you travel. You really have to be willing to dip in the uncertain for many surprises await. Deep right? Ha! Anyhoo, this was part of the itinerary but on a different day. So how was our accidental brunch at this famous soy milk stand? πŸ™‚

Lost count of how long we waited but if the line was that long, you know that the food must be good. It’s actually part of this food court, and they only serve until 10AM or 11AM I think. So good timing for we got some good brunch eats.

Signature Thick Bread with Eggs and Donut Stick
Egg Pancake

I preferred the egg pancake than the signature one. I mean, both were good. I just found the donut stick to be oily. Without it, the bread with the eggs was actually pretty darn good. As for the pancake, I like how subtle its flavor was.

Salty Soy Milk

I just had to try this one! I have never had a salty soy milk so it was interesting. It had lumps so it was on the chewy side. The donut stick balanced the flavor on this.

Hot Soy Milk

Ah…nothing beats soy milk! Whether you have it hot or cold, it’s still gonna taste good. Their version was very traditional that slides smoothly. I would gladly have another serving of this. But maybe the cold version this time. πŸ™‚

So glad to have to tried this one out! For me, it was worth lining up for. But if you want to avoid that, it’s advisable to get here super early in the morning to have a legit,Β  traditional and yummy Taiwanese breakfast. πŸ˜›

Fu Hang Soy Milk
Huashan Traditional Market 2F,
No.108, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road
Taipei,Β Taiwan


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