Chun Shui Tang: Tasting the origin of milk tea

Since 1983, it was said that a tea shop in Taichung first concocted milk tea. And it was this shop that created this now famous drink. Imagine, it was present years and years ago yet it only caught on later. Now, you have multiple shops that offer milk tea. And it has that lasting effect for it does taste good. It gives that slight dose of caffeine and sugar rush. It’s very flexible too with different tea leaves or add-ons. Whatever mixture you create, it all goes back to the origin. Time now to taste what the original offers. 🙂

I was planning to dine at their original branch but alas, limited time wasn’t a friend. It’s all the way down in Taichung. It would have been glorious. So we chanced upon this branch when we were having our money exchanged. Yes, it was fate that brought us here. It’s situated at the basement of this mall where the crowd wasn’t busy then. They still had a full room but everyone was well-attended too. It’s set up like a traditional tea house.

Seasoned Snap Beans

I liked how these beans were seasoned. Every piece was well-seasoned and prepared well. It doesn’t give you that greasy feel.

Handmade Thin Noodles

This is actually a vegetarian dish. I was curious as to how it would taste. It was good though it had this lingering aftertaste that was a bit odd.

Brown Sugar Mochi

This was the real winner that night! We ordered another round because it was really good. On its own, it had this mild brown sugar flavor. You could opt to dip it which elevates the flavor even more.

Pearl Milk Tea

Ah…milk tea! 😛 Of course we had to go with their basic one. It gives a better gauge on how good it really is. They didn’t ask for what level of sweetness. It’s served the way it is. I had the large serving which is this big mug with a handle. It really was big. I had a hard time finishing my cup but it was so good, I finished it. 😛 I liked how it wasn’t overpowerly sweet. It had the right mix of tea and milk. And the pearls were cooked just right.

Right now, they only have branches in Taiwan and Japan. I do wish they would open a branch in the Philippines. I’m sure it will be a hit especially to milk tea lovers. But I like how they controlled it too. It goes to show that they highly value the quality of their offers. In terms of price, it was very reasonable. The dishes are actually good. As for their drinks, I just have to order another one. So craving for one right now! 😀

Chun Shui Tang
B2, No.66, Sec.1, Zhongxiao West Road,
Zhongzheng Road
, Taipei,
Official website:


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