Nothin’ but good vibes at the South Pub

Stress at work could take a lot from an individual. I don’t know about you but it’s either I allow myself that lazy day or go out and just chill. I find that living in the south allows nothing but that. All time chill with absolutely no stress to fuss about. One such resto that would give you that feeling with good vibes is the South Pub.

According to the owner, they want to bring back the pubs in the south during the 90s. There were a couple ones before. I liked the overall vibe of the place. It was the right kind of dim lighting that sets the mood for one good dining experience.

Nachos (P270)

Their take on the nachos was lighter as they use flour tortilla. Each tortilla had an ample serving of ground beef topped generously with some cheese. It was made even better with a bit of salsa. This is definitely a must order appetizer at this pub.

Pulmones de Cerdo (P220)

I really don’t eat bopis which is the pub’s version as shown above. Maybe I wasn’t just fond of it. But when I had a bite of this, I was surprisingly a fan. It had this slight kick which suited it well.

The Allison (P350)

And this is not your usual grilled cheese as this has sisig. Yup, you read that right. Sisig on some grilled cheese. The taste? Surprisingly good and cheesy! The paired tomato soup balanced the flavor out as the cheese could get cloying.

Bangers and Mash (P340)

This is one of their new offers which was brought about by the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Their homemade pork sausage atop some mashed potatoes and gravy was one good dish. The pork sausage was flavorful on its own. I liked how the gravy wasn’t overpowering that just elevated the whole dish.

Spatchcock Chicken (P750)

Cooked sous vide style, it allowed for the soy, vinegar and lemongrass marinade to really seep in the chicken. This is their take on the chicken inasal. They have a container which has the oil from the chicken. But to be honest, it didn’t need that for it was good on its own. I loved how tender the chicken was.

Crispy Adobo Rice (P220)

This was another winner dish for me! This can be good for 3 to 4 persons but I think that if I’m super hungry, I’ll be unwilling to share. Haha! It’s really that good. The adobo pieces, which were lechon kawali in adobo sauce, were crunchy. It was evenly spread out in the dish to allow everyone to have a piece.

Cookie Skillet (P220)

Their cookie is more of the chocolatey type than your normal chocolate chip cookie. I did find the cookie itself to be a little sweet. Good thing that it was balanced out by the ice cream.

I really didn’t drink that night. But I wish I had. They’ve got plenty of good drink choices which they pride in. Every drink is carefully crafted for. I can say the same for their dishes. My favorites for that night has got to be their Nachos and Crispy Adobo Rice. Since this is very near to my home (I can literally walk here), I can easily grab those dishes. And more. And yes, this time with a drink on my hand. 🙂

South Pub
2/F Commercenter,
1780 Commerce cor. Filinvest Avenue,
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
South Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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