Reaching the Mang Tootz deadline!

What are your thoughts on deadlines? Personally, I do feel stressed but it has that certain excitement to it. There’s that rush that you just have to push on through in order to deliver. Did I feel that rush with this food house? You bet I did! πŸ™‚

It was the good kind of rush though. My colleagues and I first saw this during dinner time but it was closed already. According to the guard over there, it closes before 3pm as the dishes get sold out immediately. This is famous for Thomasians as this is the exact stall in that area. Good thing they branched out in this district as it definitely received a warm welcome from the hungry folks here.

Bicol Express
Chicken Alfredo

I got two dishes, namely, their Sisig and Chicken Alfredo. My friend had their Sisig too along with the Bicol Express. If I remember correctly, each dish was priced at PhP99 which comes with rice. Since we had ours to-go, we got it in a microwaveable container along with a plate and plastic utensils. I’d say that’s one steal price as not only was I full but very happy with the dishes. Their Sisig packed this punch that would make you want to have more bites. It went well with the Chicken Alfredo as that served as a “rest” for the somewhat spicy dish. Their Bicol Express was quite tasty too.


If I remember correctly, this was priced at PhP 10 for 3 pieces. Layered in some powdered sugar and sesame seeds, it’s a different take on the classic turon. It was tasty, and I found it to be the perfect dessert to our dishes that day. It’s best to have this while fresh for it to have that full crunch effect. Ours didn’t have that but the taste was still spot on.

The place is packed during lunch hour. It’s not air conditioned too so prepare to sweat a little when dining here especially during this season. It’s a good thing they have a take out option. The service is fast as all the dishes have been prepared for. I just wish I could reach the deadline for this as their choices really run fast. Maybe when I’m on an earlier shift or whenever I get up super early again. Hehe

Mang Tootz
Valero Plaza,
124 Valero St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati
Facebook:Β Β


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