Tapella: Experiencing Spanish Cuisine Royalty

Whenever I think of Spanish Cuisine, wine and tapas always come into mind. Of course, paella and sangria is a must to try at any Spanish Restaurant. It’s always a grand and cozy experience when it comes to this cuisine. Tapella, which has been open for a couple of years now in Greenbelt, has been welcoming its diners to not only that kind of dining experience but also a royal one at that.

With all those accolades, you’d know that you would be in for a treat. The place itself though was very casual and classy at the same time. I liked how clean and white their indoor seating was. Their outdoor seating does set up for more of those casual bonding nights.

You would first be served with some bread coupled with olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar.

Tuna Ceviche

This was one of their new offers which should be available this week. Not totally sure on the price but according to the chef, that whole platter only cost P75. I am totally unsure on this but if that’s true, then that’s steal price! Whether it’s priced at a higher fee, it would totally be worth it as the Tuna Ceviche just tasted wonderful. It doesn’t have this slimy or raw fish taste.

Ensalada Mediterranea (P295)

This was served with their inhouse Caesar’s dressing which I really liked. Their version of their dressing wasn’t cloying at all. It tasted very light and fresh. I wouldn’t mind pouring it over the whole salad.

Beef Carpaccio (P195)

I’ve never had raw meat in my life. I don’t recall having eaten one so I was curious when this was served. This one was marinated with pepper and sliced very thinly. It had some olive oil (I think that’s olive oil) topped with some Manchego Cheese and a caper. It didn’t have this raw taste but more of a peppery one. The slice technique aided in somehow masking that raw taste. I found it to be one lovely dish.

Boquerones (P350)

I found this to be one good starter too. These are marinated fresh anchovies which tasted very light. They do ensure that the anchovies are fresh so this one actually is a seasonal order. We were quite lucky to have had this on that day! It didn’t have this egg taste despite having a generous amount of it on top.

Chopitos Fritos (P250)

I would love to have more of this! These deep fried baby squids had this light crunch to it yet retaining that squid taste. It paired well with the aioli dip which wasn’t overpowering.

Plato Iberico (P750)

This platter is a must pair with some wine or their sangria offers. They’ve got a good selection of cold cuts here including some locally sourced chorizo. That’s what I liked about this restaurant. Despite having this international Spanish flair, they opted to have their chorizo from a local supplier. The chef told us that in all their dishes with chorizo, they use the one from that supplier.

Tortilla Abierta (P275)

Pote Gallego (P175)
Callos con Garbanzos (P250)

Sadly, I never got to try or have a full taste of the dishes above. I was focused more on the mains. Mwehehe. But I heard from my fellow bloggers that day that these were good too. I might order some during my personal visit. So for now, please enjoy the photos. 😛

Sangria offers

Same as with the earlier dishes, I never got to try their Sangria offers. I know…shame on me! But I still have to go somewhere after this so I must be in good condition. Besides, I instantly get red whenever I drink anything with alcohol. Just a preview, we were served with Don Roberto Sangria (P250), Rico J Sangria (P350), Banzai Sangria (P210) and Ronin Lychee Sangria (P350).

El De Carne (P350)

These Angus Beef Skewers were just absolutely tender and flavorful.

Pasta con Chorizo (P495)

Can I have some more of this pasta please? I really liked the rich taste of this pasta dish. I liked the flavor of the chorizo, and how the other components blended perfectly on this pasta dish.

Paella de Marisco (P700)

Paella Sobrassada

Ah…paella! ❤ This is not yet the real main and star dish from this restaurant. But for me, I would be happy having just a plate of this. Haha. Their Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco) was quite good though I preferred their Paella Sobrassada more. The latter had chorizo and asparagus. It was meant to have this herb sauce poured over which ignited the flavor more. I found it be a different paella from the usual one. And the flavor was more powerful and on point.

Chuleton Villagodio (P475/100 grams)

Now, this is the star dish of this restaurant. I have to show you a couple of before and after photos here. And a video of how it’s cooked. The beef above is a Certified Angus Beef Prime Rib. It’s seasoned lightly but all the taste is coming from that clay plate. The clay plate is seasoned lightly too with some salt. Now, I’ll just show you how the cooking process goes.

The flavor was absolutely delish! The beef was so tender. I liked how there weren’t so many additions to complicate the flavor. It’s very simple. The real secret is in that clay plate where all the flavors just mold in. I think I had a couple of bites of this that yeah, I was pretty happy and in heaven that day. 😀

I have been passing this restaurant multiple times ‘coz I’m always here at this side of the city. I never got the chance to try it. I was fortunate to have finally tried it via this food tasting event hosted by What to Eat PH. The dishes here are just exquisite and great tasting that I felt like a royal. And the beef! And paella! Ah…take me back please. Hahaha. Yes, it is on the pricey side but they have other reasonably priced dishes. This is best for some late night bonding with the barkada, intimate dates or family lunch gatherings.

Tapella Restobar
Level 1, Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Greenbelt,
Makati City
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tapellarestobar/
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