Beating the heat with Teresita’s dishes (and halo halo)!

Can you feel the heat? Because I can friggin can!!! During these times, I just want to lay in bed and relish in the coldness of my AC. Or head somewhere cold and eat a yummy cold treat. And what’s perfect for a hot day? Halo Halo! πŸ˜›

Just this Saturday (oh yes, this is a very fresh post and not a late one πŸ˜‰ ), Teresita’s held it’s 2nd Grand Halo Halo Day where a lot of people lined up for free, yes, FREE serving of Halo Halo. Talk about being generous and cooling everyone off with this sweet treat. Just check out the line above. The place was quite crowded as people trickled in. I got to try their Halo Halo too but before that, I got to fill my hungry tummy first. πŸ˜›

Palabok (P90)

This had the right amount of sauce and toppings in. The flavor was just right. It wasn’t cloying that you could have the whole plate to yourself.

Beef Caldereta (P140)

I have already tried this before so I was thankful it was served again. I liked how there was this slight heat coming in. The beef was easy to slice though not as tender once I bit into it. Nonetheless, I liked the overall taste of this.

Kare Kare (P140)

This dish definitely outshone the former. It was so good! I could really taste the peanut butter upon first taste of their sauce. The meat here was tender. It came with bagoongΒ (fermented fish) but I didn’t add much of it. I was pretty happy with having it on its own.

Chicharon Bulaklak (P140)

I was with my friend that time, and we were both eyeing their Chicharon Bulaklak. Luckily, it was served during this food tasting event. Yes, our wish came true! Haha. It had this crisp yet still retaining that meat inside. I preferred to have mine dipped in vinegar. It came with rice which I found to be an odd mix.

Halo Halo (Special at P105)

The perfect dessert to all our tasty dishes: HALO HALO! We had to have a sweeter ending to our dining journey here. Just look at the leche flan and langka there! Ughh…just looking at it makes me want to have another one. πŸ˜› Just a quick confession, I really don’t eat the traditional halo halo with lots of toppings. I get confused with all the flavors there. But I like this version as the ingredients are very simple yet it packs so much flavor. It gave me that sweet and cold rush I needed for that very hot day.

As you can see on the photo above, the line was just starting. My friend and I got in early. We got to witness the pouring of people in. I just wish they’d open branches in the far south because going here was a trek for me. Hahaha. It was worth it though for I got to dine sumptuous food at very affordable prices. Plus, I got to beat the heat with theirΒ delicious halo halo. πŸ˜€

Upper Ground Floor, The Annex,
SM City North EDSA,
Bago Bantay, Quezon City
Official website:Β Β
Teresita's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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