Get ready to be shaken and be #ShakeShakeShookt!

So, are you ready to be shaken and be #ShakeShakeShookt? I definitely am! 😀 When I found out about the comeback of McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries, I was excited. But when I found out about their new flavor, which is the Honey Butter Flavor, I got shookt! And not just the simple type of shookt but shake shake shookt! Hahaha. Let’s learn more about this new flavor shall we? 😉

Get shakin’ as McDonald’s brings back Shake Shake Fries with the NEW Honey Butter flavor

Have you ever experienced a situation wherein you feel all kinds of emotions at once?

“Nag-text si crush!!!”

“OMG my idol liked my comment!”

“Bruh! Perfect ako sa exam!”

One reaction: #SHOOKT

Or, in layman’s terms, shocked. #SHOOKT, one of the many terms coined by millennials, is used to express a feeling of overwhelming emotion, such as a high score on an exam, a reply from a crush, or an amazing YouTube video.

In case you haven’t been through any of these #SHOOKT-worthy moments, there’s one thing that will surely get you shakin’ – the comeback of McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries with the new Honey Butter flavor!

This new Honey Butter offering is a sweet, buttery, and slightly creamy seasoning with a savory note that’s guaranteed to make your mouth water. Just pour the fries into the brown bag, add the powder, and shake away! With this popular Korean favorite, K-fans and even non-K-fans will surely be screaming “Kyaaaaaa!” just to get their hands on McDonald’s newest offering!

Of course, Shake Shake Fries cannot make a comeback without your other good old favorites! The Cheese and BBQ flavors will also be back and so this time, you can savor these delicious flavors anytime you want!

It doesn’t take much to shake up your world. You just have to go to the nearest McDonald’s store and just add P5 to your medium/large value meal with fries to take your meal to a whole new level of fun with Shake Shake Fries! For an earthshakingly cool and fun snack, pair your Shake Shake Fries with a McFloat or McFreeze to experience a whole new level of chill.

Shake Shake Fries is available starting April 29 at all McDonald’s restaurants, as well as through Drive Thru and McDelivery.

But, wait there’s more! You can also share your #ShakeShakeShookt moments to everyone as you get shakin’ with the new Honey Butter Flavor of McDonald’s! Just post your stories through social media and don’t forget to mention McDonald’s official accounts (Facebook:, Twitter: @McDo_PH, and Instagram: mcdo_ph)!

Of course, I needed to get a taste of this. I love Honey Butter, and yes, was addicted for sometime to those oh-so-delicious chips. Honestly, I could eat a whole big bag to myself. Yeah, call me selfish but it’s just so good! So how did this fare up?

I got mine with a Coke Float since it seems to be the perfect combo. Plus, having the latter on a hot weather is a great idea (well, anytime actually). If I remember correctly, it cost me P90 for that combo. Better to have it in a meal as you’ll only add P5. Hehe. Once I got that flavor in the bag and shook it to my heart’s content, it was now time for the bite. And oh it was great! I love how the flavor wasn’t overpowering. It had this gentle sweetness to it and yes, that butter flavor in. I really enjoyed it, and would be back for more of those fries and #ShakeShakeShookt moments. 😛

Official website:


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