What’s up at The Nest Taguig?

I have always wanted to visit a food park. Yes, I’m a food park newbie. I know, I know…shame on me! Hahaha. To be honest, I can’t recall if I have visited one but I haven’t reviewed any. I have featured one but wasn’t able to visit due to a conflicting schedule. Though this was a last-minute invitation, I grabbed the opportunity as I was free that night. Now the question, what’s up at The Nest Taguig? πŸ™‚

So many stalls, so little time! Hahaha. I love that they have so many choices to suit your tongue. Whatever you’re craving may it be Japanese or an Indian cuisine, they definitely have it. There are areas that are open to give you that picnic style type of dining. They also have a shaded area. This park really comes to life at 4pm daily. We were able to try most of the dishes from every stall. I wish I could describe every dish but I kid you not, ang rami! Ayan, napa-Tagalog ako. Hahaha. But seriously, my tummy couldn’t take it all in. So, I’ll just tease you more with the pictures. πŸ˜›

Let there be light! Professional lighting and photography skills for the win! Haha

And this is their list of concessionaires. There will be more in the future! πŸ™‚

Burrrppp! Oops, sorry #NotSoSorry! Hahaha. I was full to the brim. Despite the hot weather we have, I find this park to be the perfect location to beat the heat at night. Imagine dining al fresco couple with good food and great bonding moments with your buddies. Perfect! Though this is in the far side of Taguig, I liked that it’s in the not-busy section. The area is still developing but people do flock here. I went home a little early at around 9pm, and the people were very present here. There was even a live band playing. Talk about a good and chill time at this park. Yeah, that’s what’s up at The Nest. I do hope to be back to give justice to every stall, and have more of the good food here. πŸ™‚

The Nest Food and Lifestyle Park
886 Cayetano Avenue,
Palingon, Tipas,
Official website:Β Β https://thenesttaguig.wixsite.com/thenesttaguig/home
Facebook:Β Β https://www.facebook.com/thenesttaguig/
Instagram:Β Β https://www.instagram.com/thenesttaguig/


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