Is it a yes to Nono’s?

I have been eyeing this place ever since I saw its signage. They had this photo of their chicken which was just so tempting. When it finally opened its doors, my colleagues and I took a risk dining in during their soft opening.

The interiors here was just very homey. It reminded me of those classic 80s houses where the sala or receiving area exudes this very cool and chill vibe.

Tomato & Basil (Big plate at P475)

To be honest, I was expecting more from this dish. I shared this with my friend, and she told that she was surprised that it would have flavor. I mean, it does look bland on the photo. On my end, yes, it did have flavor but I find it to be lacking. I was looking more for that basil taste which lacked on that spectrum.

Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken (P565)

This was the dish on the photo I was telling you about. We had this huge serving which is apt for 2 to 3 people. It consisted of two pieces of boneless chicken fillet, dinner rolls, corn and fries (one could opt for rice). To be honest, I wish there was more of the chicken here. I was only able to taste the fries and the chicken. As for the corn and the dinner roll, I heard from my companions that those weren’t good. The fries were quite okay. They held that crunchiness that fries should possess. As for their chicken, I would suggest to have it with the served sauces. I forgot the order if the gravy should go first or the honey but it’s actually good to mix both in. On its own, the chicken didn’t had much taste but it was indeed crunchy and not greasy.

Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion (P155)

Since their dishes were a bit underwhelming, it’s time to test out their confections. Their display was just lovely and tempting that it will entice anyone to grab a slice. The slice above was pretty good. It wasn’t that sweet.

Flat White

I liked how there was a little cookie there. It was pretty good, and I wanted more. Hehe. The coffee was good, and paired well with the cake.

Since they were still on soft opening, I am going to withhold my opinion on that. In terms of food though, damn, I really expected more. It was just okay. To be honest, I find it to be overpriced with the serving size and taste. I know that I could grab a similar chicken dish at  a different restaurant where I know it’s going to taste good. Sorry but not really that sorry. Maybe they’ll improve in the coming days but for me, it’s a no for now.

Nono’s by Classic Confections
G/F Three Central,
Valero Street, Salcedo Village,
Makati City
Official website:
Nono's by Classic Confections Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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