Hotel Mystays: My 1st hotel experience in Japan

Whenever we go to Japan, booking in AirBNB has always been the option. We never attempted to check out the hotel rates. It just seemed expensive. But we took our chance upon going to Sapporo. And we found a hotel that’s inviting us to stay longer.

Hotel Mystays has a lot of branches not just in Hokkaido but in other parts of Japan. They claim to offer the best deals for your travel needs. We chose their Sapporo Nakajima Park branch which looked quite new. It was a few walks away from a train station. There’s a nearby convenience store too. Upon entering the branch, it feels very spacious and warm. I like how you could simple hang out there and just relax for a bit.

Unlike other hotels where you get a daily stock of toiletries, Hotel Mystays has a different approach. We were told that we could those items at the lobby. I find that to be pretty neat because, you don’t really need those items sometimes. What I found interesting is that they even that cleansing oil above which is uncommon for most hotels.

The room had a good space for us three. I’m unsure if it’s common for hotels to have slippers and sleepwear but I found it to be just thoughtful. It’s those little things that make you feel more comfortable and at ease.

In case you want to do your laundry, you could do so at this branch. You could even heat up some food, grab a drink and just wait while waiting for your laundry.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this comes with free wifi. Yes, it was just a must because I didn’t get any mobile internet service during our stay in Hokkaido. Overall, our stay here was just good that it’s tempting to really stay more at this hotel. It has a good location, very accommodating staff and good amenities at a reasonable price. Plus, they have multiple branches that finding one would make your stay convenient and comfortable. πŸ™‚

Hotel Mystays
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  1. Carly | June 27, 2018 — 11:36 am

    Good call! I’ve heard that Japan is really cracking down on Airbnb rentals! 😒

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