Global Taste of Korea: A Taste of Kong-guksu

I strongly feel that South Korea is calling me. I have been watching numerous videos on this nation that it was timely I got invited to this workshop. It was supposed to be two workshops, namely, Mandoo (dumpling) and Kong-guksu (noodles in cold soybean soup). I was hesitant to register for the Mandoo Workshop as it was held early in the morning. Good thing, I still got to attend the Kong-guksu Workshop. 🙂

Kong-guksu is a seasonal Korean dish. It is usually served during summer to cool oneself off. It’s the perfect dish here in the Philippines for it is hot all year round. It’s very healthy too knowing the benefits of the soybean. The process was quite interesting as the photos below show.

The vital ingredient here are the soybeans. It should be soaked in cold water, and stored in a cool place for 8 hours to 12 hours. Of course, we didn’t have to wait that long as batch was already prepared. It was then ground with some other ingredients such as sesame, salt, peanut, pine nut and water. When all those ingredients are finely ground, the dish can finally be prepared.

Adding in that soybean milk! Yum!
All the garnishes of the dish

This is roasted salt which adds this smoky flavor to the noodle dish.

After watching the chef do it, it was our turn to prepare the dish. Well, we just placed the noodles and garnishes but it was still fun. Below is my “creation”. 🙂

Lovely creation right? Haha. And yes, those ice cubes are necessary. The dish needs to be cold. Upon first sip, it was a bit odd. It was like drinking soy milk. But it was better with the noodles and the garnishes. It does make one feel refreshed.

Aside from the workshop, we got to have some kimchi which was a perfect pair to the dish. There were other activities too with the main one being the competition.

It was an interesting and fun event. And yes, all the things I saw that day made me want to go to Korea. Haayyy…someday 🙂 And maybe I can have some Mandoo or Kong-guksu once there. 😉

Korean Cultural Center in Philippines
Official website:


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