Purely foodie moment at Shikisai No Oka

How I wish I could share photos as amazing as the one above. When I researched about this place, I was excited to see those beautiful fields of blooming flowers. I even imagine taking a couple of selfies which I don’t really do. But alas, the season wasn’t right. In reality, this is what the whole farm looks like.

Yes, it was dry season. I take full accountability for this as I wasn’t able to plan this trip well. I was so busy with stuff at work that I wasn’t able to fix our itinerary well. Going here wasn’t cheap too. You’d have to take a train and a taxi to go here. You could try walking but it’s just far. During our visit (around May), only the tulips were in bloom. Best time to go here would be summer where all of the flowers are in bloom. I do advise that you check the calendar on their website. We even rode this ride where the big tractor pulls these carts, and tour around the farm. We saw how no flowers were blooming. Haha. So, I just took several photos of some that were in bloom.

Imagine if there were fields and fields of flowers! Huhuhu. BUT there is always a silver lining for we got to see some cherry blossoms!

So, it was just a couple of trees but still! It was lovely to look at. As much as I want to see rows of this, I still prefer the hues of autumn. Since it was sort of a fail trip, it really was just purely foodie moment where we got to engorge in the dishes at this place.

Fried Pork with Rice (Â¥1,000)

Shrimp with Rice (Â¥950)

Soup Curry with local vegetables (Â¥1,100)

The dishes here are quite pricey but it’s difficult to find a good resto nearby. The dishes were quite good. I had the soup curry which I heard is a must try in Hokkaido. It’s one of those dishes that evolved into this. When the dish was landed on table, it could have been a dish for three persons. The serving was that huge. In terms of taste, I loved every bite of it. It had a mild curry taste. It had several local vegetables that really tasted good. As for the chicken there, it was the fall-off-the-bone type. It was that tender that the curry flavor infused in. It was perfect with that plate of rice. I was so full after that I wanted to sleep because of curry happiness. Hahaha 😀

Lavender Ice Cream (Â¥300)

You must never leave without having this! At first, it’s going to taste odd. You would get that flowery taste. But then the creamy and mildly sweet taste start to slowly creep in. Ughh…masarap! Hahaha 😀

Yes Shikisai-Hills, you will see me again! Hahaha. I really do want to see those fields of beautiful flowers that I’ll aim to go summer time next time. And maybe, I’ll have another serving of Soup Curry. Of course, the Lavender Ice Cream is a sure order. 🙂

Shikisai No Oka
Dai 3 Shinsei, Biei-cho,
Kamikawa-gun 071-0473,
Hokkaido, Japan
Official website:  http://www.shikisainooka.jp/en/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/shikisainooka/


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