Some ramen time at Sasuke

When you see that sign that says “Samurai Ramen”, it’s really going to catch your eye right? Well, we were looking for a ramen place and this happened to be near Odori Park. Time to try out this type of ramen.

The place was quite small with just one man assisting everyone. During that time, there was just one table of diners. But when we left, there was another new diner who came in. It’s one of those ramen places that’s a bit secluded. It’s perfect for those solo ramen moments.

So there was no English menu at this restaurant. And like other ramen places, you will have to order using that ordering machine. Even though there was no English menu, the person there gladly assisted our orders. We even got to order half-servings since the full size seemed too much that time. I never got to try the Samurai Ramen. But our orders were pretty good. Most of it just differed on the broth’s intensity. I got the lightest one which was indeed quite light. I didn’t like the noodles much but the overall taste was good. Also, I liked how thin that slice of pork meat was.

It may not have been the ramen experience I was expecting in Hokkaido. But it was a welcome dish to warm our empty stomachs that time. With the good experience that we got, it was nice to have spent and tasted the ramen at Sasuke.

Tokeidai building B1F,
Nishi 2 cho-me, Kita 1 jou, Chuoku,
Sapporo, Hokkaido,


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