Making the most from my toast with Fix & Fogg

I love me some peanut butter! It’s one of those quick breakfast meals to prepare that’s perfect with a cuppa Joe. Lately, I’ve been on the search for healthy and good quality products. Yeah, not getting younger here so need to take care of my health. Fix & Fogg’s email to me was just very timely for they sent some of their products for me to try. It’s time to make the most from my toast. 😛

Hailing all the way from Wellington, New Zealand, their award winning butters are now available here in the Philippines. One can either buy this at All Day Supermarket, Earth Organics or Beauty MNL. Yes, their prices are a bit steep but know that every bottle is carefully crafted for. From start to finish, all the jars come straight from their factory in Wellington. They have lots of variants to choose from but here in the Philippines, the available flavors are as follows: Smooth, Super Crunchy, Dark Chocolate, and Smoke and Fire. They sent me their Super Crunchy, and Smoke and Fire. Time to do the taste test 😀

I tried their Super Crunchy flavor first. And it does live up to its name of being crunchy! You could see the bits of peanuts in the jar. You could still taste the peanut butter itself but having those bits makes it all the more enjoyable to eat. Unlike other peanut butters out there, I like that it wasn’t sweet. You could actually taste the flavor of the peanut in. As of writing, we’ve been having this as a staple on our breakfast table. 🙂

As for the Smoke and Fire, sorry but I have no photo. When I opened the jar, I had to mix it in real well so that the oil and spices balance out. Mixed in with organic NZ grown chillies from Kaitaia Fire, it does have that hot lingering finish. Since I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat, I added a slice of cheese in between. And I have been having it as my merienda these past few days.

Whatever flavor you choose, you can make the most from your toast with Fix & Fogg. You can experiment with their butters or head on to their site for recipes. It’s easy to do so as their butters do allow you to be creative. Price ranges from PhP 350 to PhP 450 which might be a lot for a peanut butter but hey, you are assured of good quality and carefully prepared for jars. Plus, they’re delicious! Now, let me just go try to buy the other flavors. Hehe 😛

Fix & Fogg
Official website:


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