Snoopy Chaya Otaru: More than just cute snacks

Snoopy lover? Then this spot in Otaru, Hokkaido will fulfill your Snoopy dreams!

I soon learned that this was a bit new when we went here. We never got to dine at the restaurant as we were just looking for some snacks. So yeah, we kinda bought all the snacks that were served here. Check out those cute and yummy snacks below. πŸ™‚

Snoopy Zangi (Fried Chicken) (Β₯550)

Chuka man (Steamed bun) (all priced at Β₯500 each)
Belle (Naporitan)

Charlie Brown (Scallop Curry)

Snoopy (Butter Potato)

Snoopy Hokkaido Korokke (Β₯300)

All of the snacks were pretty good! The fried chicken was not oily. It had that right salt flavor in. The buns were pretty good though I found the Naporitan to be odd. It had pasta filling inside. I liked the Scallop Curry best for it was flavorful. The Butter Potato was a nice balance to the three tasty ones. Among all the snacks, the Korokke was my fave. It was just really yummy with the filling!

We were so full that we skipped dessert. This is for another time. πŸ˜›

I am unsure of the dishes in their restaurants. Themed-restaurants have this image of not being good, and just having cute dishes. But basing on the snacks here, it does hold promise. Price range of the snacks were reasonable. I can definitely say that these were more than just cute snacks. πŸ˜‰

Snoopy Chaya Otaru
6-4, Sakaimachi,
Otarushi, Hokkaido,
Official website:Β Β


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