The search for Cafe Kinotoya

Ever since I got a bite of Bake’s Cheese Tart, I wanted to know its origin. I found that it hailed all the way from Sapporo with its mother bakeshop, Cafe Kinotoya. And the search was on for this cafe.

We got here after our long trip from Shikisai no Oka. Though it was an underwhelming trip what with the lack of flowers and all, I wanted to cheer both my parents and myself up. I instantly thought of Cafe Kinotoya. Back then, I had their Odori branch in mind. As my gaze was looking from left to right, I was surprised to find out that the cafe was outright in front of me all along. We would always drop by Sapporo Station, and pass by Daimaru. It was indeed a welcome sight for we’ll finally get to try their pastries.

All their pastries were winners for me! I loved how each of them wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. Though the label of the “cheese tart” was misleading as the filling was blueberry. My favorite among the bunch was their Zaku Zaku. I just loved its crunchy exterior, and generous and creamy vanilla filling inside. It’s one of those snacks where you could take along with you while strolling Sapporo’s sights.

Good thing we passed by this place. I do believe it was fate that brought us here to bring that smile to our tired faces. I wish I could’ve taken home some of their treats. But dining there and just relaxing with a cup of coffee was good enough. πŸ™‚

Cafe Kinotoya
4 Kita 5 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku
B1F Daimaru Sapporo,


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