Warmed by the donuts and coffee at Mister Donut

It was quite early in the day. Top that off with a chilly weather, and you’ll be wanting to feel some warmth. Good thing Mister Donut was just around the corner at Sapporo Station.

I liked the overall elan of the place. It felt warm and cozy that it’ll make you want to stay longer. My favorite part? The rows of donuts of course! I liked how their offers were laid out in that fashion. It makes one just grab every variant. Hihihi. Speaking of food, let’s get onto it! πŸ˜›

My fave among the bunch? Pon de Ring of course! It was just so good, and had the right level of sweetness. Their coffee was pretty good too. It was the perfect pair to the sweet treats we had. When we got to Tokyo, we made sure that we had another round of their donuts and coffee too. πŸ˜€

Look at how that signage shine brightly! It’s a welcome sight to those wanting to be warmed or simply comforted by their treats. If I have a chance to be back in Sapporo, I’ll definitely drop by this branch again and spend an hour or two. πŸ™‚

Mister Donut
4 Chome Kita 6 Jonishi,
Kita Ward, Sapporo,
Official website:Β Β https://www.misterdonut.jp/
Facebook:Β Β https://www.facebook.com/misdo.jp
Twitter:Β Β https://twitter.com/misterdonut_jp
Instagram:Β Β https://www.instagram.com/misterdonut_jp/



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  1. Indeed, Mister Donut has come a long way from its old image. πŸ™‚

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