Experiencing the heat from Totong’s Lumpia Dynamite

Whenever it’s rainy season, we look for something that’s hot. Normal go-to dishes are those of the soup kind. We easily forget those appetizers or snacks that can easily built that heat up. Enter those lumpia dynamites which is perfect either as an appetizer or as a snack.

Totong’s Streetfood Corner has been offering this snack since 2013. Just a little bit of history here, the owner is indeed named Totong when she was a kid. Yep, I typed “she”. Mrs. Elma Alvarez Yap, who is an Ilongga hailing from Bacolod, was mistaken as a boy when she was still little. Toto is the Ilonggo term for little boy. I guess the name stuck which is now the name of her home based business. Currently, they have three variants of their lumpia dynamite. Luckily, those three offers were sent to me to try it out. How will this natural and home-cooked lumpia fare up?

Cheesy Beef Dynamite (Cooked: P26/piece; Frozen: P22/piece)

See how filled that lumpia dynamite is? Normally, a third or even half of one lumpia dynamite would consist of the wrapper when you dine out. But this one was just filled with all that beef and cheese in. In terms of flavor, it had this mild heat coming in from the chili pepper.

Cheese stick Dynamite (Cooked: P17/piece; Frozen: P15/piece)

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the filling but trust me when I say that it is indeed a cheese stick. I was in cheese heaven when I saw that stick. The flavor on this was pretty good for it had that creamy feel coming in from the cheese that balanced out the slight heat coming through.

Cheesy Chicken Dynamite (Cooked: P26/piece; Frozen: P22/piece)

And this was my fave among the bunch! 😀 For me, this had the most kick which I always look for in a lumpia dynamite. And yes, it was very much filled with that ground chicken and cheese (which you can very well see the generous amount in the photo).

All came with the vinegar which was very light. It paired well with all the lumpia dynamites. In terms of price point, I find it to be a really good deal. Imagine getting one lumpia dynamite, and have it that filled at that price.  Plus, the taste is pretty darn good! No wonder they have orders all the way from Singapore and Canada. What I love more about this is that you can cook it at home, and enjoy those lumpia dynamites while still hot and very crispy. That was my experience at home, and looking forward to having more in the future. 😉

Totong’s Lumpia Dynamite
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  1. Totong's dynamite August 16, 2018 — 1:24 am

    Thank you for supporting SME’s like us! We are glad you like it!

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