Mister Donut’s Cookie Crumble: Cookie and donut in one!

If ever you are craving for a cookie and a donut, Mister Donut’s Cookie Crumble offers will surely satisfy your craving. 😉

Mister Donut Fills Us on a New Classic!

Nothing spells a 90s snack the way cream sandwich biscuits do, especially Presto Peanut Butter and HIRO Vanilla Cookies. Mister Donut has crafted two new donut variants that bring these two classic favorites into a whole new light, a different but very familiar snack experience.

The donut brand that has been part of the Filipino Pasalubong culture for over 30 years has also been known for concocting unique donut innovations. Mister Donut adds the classic goodness of Presto Peanut Butter Cream Cookie and HIRO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies to a premium donut for their newest creation, The Cookie Crumble Donuts.

Bringing (Cookie) Sandwich Back

“Generally, Filipinos are very loyal to comfort food that we have been accustomed to. But there is also a side of us that dares to try something new, but not very far from what we are familiar with,” shares Margaret Jose, Mister Donut Marketing Director. She mentioned that this is where Mister Donut drew an inspiration from for the Premium Cookie Crumble Donuts.

Presto Peanut Butter Cookie Crumble

HIRO Vanilla Cookie Crumble

The Presto Peanut Butter Cookie Crumble donut is filled with peanut butter cream, topped with Mister Donut’s own choco décor and Presto cookie clusters while the HIRO Vanilla Cookie Crumble Donuts is filled with vanilla cream, topped with Mister Donut’s white choco décor and sprinkled on top with HIRO cookie clusters.

Ibang Classic ‘to!

“We are confident that this is something that not just the Batang 90s will get to love, but even the millennials,” adds Margaret. She shares that the donut enthusiasts out there will be surprised at how this new variant can seem too familiar, yet very novel at the same time. Mister Donut only offers these two premium variants at P 162 for a box of 6. For coffee bonding time, the Cookie Crumble Donut is perfect with the freshly brewed Mister Donut coffee, and sells at P 27 per piece.

The Cookie Crumble Donuts are now available at all Mister Donut stores nationwide.

And Mister Donut has done it again! For that price, you can satisfy your sweet tooth whether you’re craving for a cookie, a donut or both. For me, the Presto Peanut Butter Cookie Crumble Donut is the one for me since I like that cookie and I like peanut butter. And yes, I can have both the cookie and the donut. 🙂

Mister Donut
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrDonutPH/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/misterdonut_ph
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/misterdonut_ph/


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