Foodie trip to Vietnam c/o Crimson Hotel’s Cafe Eight

Vietnam has been one of my dream destinations. I have been meaning to visit it but I only have limited vacation leaves. Hahaha. Yeah, that’s my excuse. I just want to see the beauty of the land, and experience their food. Good thing this foodie meetup invite from Zomato came along. Cafe Eight’s offer at that time, which is their Vietnamese Buffet, was just perfect for my travel longing.

Ambassador Ly Quoc Tuan and Crimson Hotel’s General Manager, Gerhard Doll

To make all the dishes authentic, Crimson Hotel has invited talented Vietnamese Chefs to showcase all the wonderful flavors of Vietnam. No wonder that this restaurant made it to the list of Philippine Tatler’s Best Restaurants of this year. They had other events too where they showcased different cuisines. But for now, let’s go see what “The Vietnamese Buffet” has to offer. 🙂

Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Rau Thap Cam Ham (Vietnamese Braised Vegetables)
Stewed Scampi in Coconut Juice
Ca Ri Gakiueviet Nam (Vietnamese Chicken Curry)
Goi Cuon Voi Tom Va Thit Luoc (Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll with Pork and Shrimp)
Goi Da Leo Caman (Cucumber Salad with Salted Fish)
Vietnamese Traditional Beef Noodle Soup

I liked how there were varied dishes that opened my eyes to more than just Pho and Spring Rolls. I didn’t even knew that Vietnam had their own version of a curry (which was pretty good if you ask me). What’s interesting about their curry is that you pair it with bread. Yes, as much as I was tempted to pair it with rice, having it with bread was a good idea too. I liked the pepper kick coming in from those Vietnamese Braised Vegetables. My fave dishes that day were their Stewed Scampi in Coconut Juice and Vietnamese Traditional Beef Noodle Soup. That scampi dish was just so yummy! As for their Pho, I liked how it was light yet filling. You could put sauces in but I just opted mine to have some lime. And it tasted very heartwarming. 🙂

Aside from getting dishes from The Vietnamese Buffet, I got a taste of some of their other offers. Well, I tried but I was so full then. If you do want to catch this offer and have a foodie trip too to Vietnam, Cafe Eight is still offering this until September 7. For their lunch, it is priced at PhP 1,514.00 while for dinner, it costs PhP 1,729.00. You could also have their Vietnamese Wine Dinner on September 5 for PhP 2,500.00. I bet the latter would be one interesting and yummy dinner. Yes, I know that it’s on the expensive side but do note that (1) you will pay for quality dishes prepared by talented Vietnamese Chefs, and (2) you will dine at one of 2018’s Best Restaurants. So that’s a pretty good deal that’s perfect for those celebratory moments. 😉

Cafe Eight – Crimson Hotel
8/F Crimson Hotel, Entrata Urban Complex,
2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City,
Muntinlupa City
Hotel website:
Hotel Facebook:
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Hotel Instagram:
Cafe Eight - Crimson Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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