Have a #BrighterCravings2018 celebration!

The “ber “months are here, and you know what that means! Festivities are just around the corner. As malls slowly play tunes of the holiday cheer, The Cravings Group want to give you a merry and bright Christmas with their offers. I had the pleasure of attending their launch for their #BrighterCravings2018 last week at the C3 Events Place. As they celebrate their 30 years of creating exceptional holiday memories, I knew that I was in for a treat that day. 🙂

These talented fellows sung holiday songs that made the day cheery.
And there was a cake parade!
Chef Jojo Derrada, who is the Catering and Restaurant Head Chef, did a demo of some easy and quick dishes that day.
Bea G. Trinidad, who is the Cravings Group Operations Head, invites us to check out not only their offers but catering spread too.

Celebrate the Season of Giving at any location of your choice with The Cravings Group’s array of catering and gift offers. A brand known over the last three decades for its delectable classics and a creative passion for great food, The Cravings Group this year introduces a variety of cakes, desserts, party trays, catering themes and gift options as part of A Merry and Bright Christmas.

“At the center of our catering spread this year is refresh. While we have perfected the taste of our food over the last 30 years, now we want to master the party experience with new themes that can’t be found anywhere else,” says Bea G. Trinidad, The Cravings Group Operations Head.

“This year, we have two exciting additions: the modern and chic catering setups and the delicious tapas-style cocktail food. We not only deliver proven Christmas party recipes, but most importantly our team works closely with organizers and companies to create memorable events,” adds Pia G. Trinidad, the group’s Business Development and Strategy Officer.

Choose any of The Cravings Group’s premium and unique themes Cider, Tangerine, Rust and Ochre to transform your party into an event worth remembering. Food and drinks will be concocted no less than by chefs from top culinary school CCA, Manila to ensure the exceptional product quality for which The Cravings Group is known.

We got to see some of the table settings, and I have to say, it was lovely. It was unique and classy that would suit one’s party needs. Just check out the photos below.

Our table setting had a similar feel too. It just makes get-togethers such as this all the more festive. With that said, it’s really the food that people do wait for. Below are the sumptuous dishes that we had that afternoon. 🙂

Caesar Salad
Paella Valenciana
Spicy Gambaretti Pasta
Crackling Pork Bagnet


Dessert table! Oh my heart…

As much as I loved their dessert table, the sweet notes didn’t end there. Of course with any celebration, a cake is always a must. And they really brought their a-game on with their cake parade. They truly showed their variety in making these sweet slices that truly, one would have a hard time choosing just one cake.

Twix Cheesecake
Naked Devil’s Food Cake
Mars Cake
Mocha Praline Cake
Chocolate Caramel Cake
Mango Brazo Dome
Avocado Mousse Cake
Belgian Cheesecake
Cherry Walnut Cheesecake

As much as I wanted to taste all those cakes, I wasn’t. Hahaha. Blame it on my almost full tummy. I was able to taste some, and my fave was their Mango Brazo Dome. It was just so good! I liked how fluffy and not overpoweringly sweet it was. Their Cherry Walnut Cheesecake was surprisingly good too. 😛

“Christmas is not just about great food, but it is a holistic experience that should be enjoyed by and shared with family, friends and loved ones. We’re extremely happy that all three generations of our family are working the extra mile to provide the exceptional Christmas experience to our customers this year. Bea and Pia are at the forefront of infusing new ideas into The Cravings Group and enable our much-loved brands to remain the top choice of our customers in the next generations to come,” says Badjie Guerrero-Trinidad, CEO of The Cravings Group.

Indeed, Christmas is a holistic experience that is best enjoyed with loved ones. It makes all those gatherings all the more memorable. And The Cravings Group plan on contributing to that by continuing to evolve and bring just the best for their customers. For inquiries on their catering services, just give them a call at (02) 726-2712, reach their Viber at 0977-0645453 or email salesexec@cravingsgroup.com. You may also reach via their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

The Cravings Group
Official website:  http://cravingsgroup.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thecravingsgroup/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thecravingsgroup/


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