Staycation at the Hotel Celeste

Just want to have a quick relaxing moment during the weekend? Why not have it here at Hotel Celeste where you’ll have one fine staycation experience.

Everything seemed grand upon stepping foot at this hotel. It’s like I can’t touch anything for fear of breaking it. Hehe. But all seemed elegant and grand. We stayed at one of their suites over the weekend. My mom had this gift certificate which allowed us to stay here during her birthday. Hooray for grand gifts! πŸ˜€

The room was quite huge. It even had a kitchen. What astounded me more was their bathroom which was huge too. Aside from having that bathtub, it also had a shower area. It had this dining table too. I just loved how you can sit anywhere whether on the bed or on the couches. It was quite spacious.

For that grand of an experience, it does come with a price. It is cheaper compared to the nearby hotels there. If you would book their deluxe room, its price does seem reasonable. It is of walking distance to nearby malls in the area. The service was quite good. So if you want to stay somewhere posh and still in the city, have this boutique hotel as one of your choices. πŸ™‚

Hotel Celeste
2 San Lorenzo Drive,
Makati City
Official website:


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