Purely lunch at Vengo

And now it’s purely lunch time when my friend and I went here. Last time, I just had brunch over at their cafe side. Time to see their lunch offers here. 🙂

I bet this place will look really cool at night. I saw some photos where the bar had this purple hue. During the day, it still looks pretty neat. They maximised their space by having those seats at the side (the ones with orange seating).

Cinnamon Charred Pineapple (P95)

I was curious as to how this tasted. I was expecting some sweet notes coming in from the fruit. But it was heavily spiced with that cinnamon. It was still enjoyable if you like having that cinnamony flavor.

Pork Cheek Confit Soft Taco (P130)

Slow Cooked Lamb Soft Taco (P145)

For that serving, those were expensive soft tacos. I know the quality is good but I’ve tasted better tacos for half its price. But I guess you pay also for the setting and the whole ambiance. In terms of taste, I preferred the lamb more. I liked the addition of chicharon on the Pork Cheek Confit but the flavor was just better on the lamb one.

Mexican Spice Chicken (P365)

Good thing we had their rice plate. I liked how the chicken was spiced well. It went nicely both with its sauce and the rice. Its serving was quite huge too.

If I were to choose between having brunch or lunch/dinner here, I would opt for their breakfast offers. But then again, there are loads of restaurants along this area. If it were not for eatigo, we wouldn’t have a discounted meal here. I just find it to be pricey for the overall taste. But I guess, you would pay for the environment most especially at night.

Jose Cojuangco & Sons Building,
119 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village,
Makati City
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Tacovengo/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tacovengo/


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