Tasting Da Gianni Cucina Italiana’s Authentic Italian Dishes

There’s always something new here in the south. I have been living here since I was a kid, and I saw how it bloomed to what it is today. A lot of developments are still ongoing. I can say the same thing with the food scene. A lot of new restaurants may it be somewhere down north opening a branch here or a totally new one. And a very welcome addition to that is this new Italian restaurant named Da Gianni Cucina Italiana.

Been open for almost 6 months now, this is owned by Matteo Guidicelli and his family. During our foodie meet-up, he was personally there to introduce the restaurant and assist us. Talk about being hands on! He did admit that he wasn’t the one behind the kitchen. His dad is the one concocting those authentic dishes that have been passed to their family. “Da Gianni” is actually Matteo’s lolo. So most of the interiors here is connected to his lolo.

Their first branch is actually in Cebu. We also had a taste of the dishes which I shall be doing a separate review on. But for now, let me share to you the dishes served that lovely afternoon. 🙂

We had this drink as a starter. Yeah, I forgot the name. Haha. But it was refreshing and had a hint of alcohol there. Perfect to set the tone for the food tasting that day.

Formaggio Tomino (P380)


Our first appetizer was this delectable dish that had Grilled Tomino Cheese wrapped in Prosciutto. It was served with arugula and cherry tomatoes. I loved this! When you slice that dish, the cheese oozes out slowly. I liked the blend of the cheese’s flavor with that salty taste of the prosciutto.

Frittura Mista di Mare (P590)


This mix of beer battered and deep fried assorted seafood and vegetables might just make you full. But this is still served as an appetizer here. I loved the crunchy and non-greasy taste of this. Though on its own it’s pretty good, it was nice to dip it in the tomato dip.

Wild Mushroom Puff (P400)


I can’t believe that this was just a mix of two kinds of mushroom, onions and cream sauce. Simple ingredients but the taste was just awesome! This was a fave among the foodies that day. It was inexplicably good. The puff itself was delicate and not overpoweringly thick. Some might be overwhelmed by its taste but not me. I like it! 🙂

Polpo Salad (P465)


Consisting of Grilled Octopus, Mango, Potato, Olives, Red Radish and Arugula, this just had that fresh taste. It’s drizzled with Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing which makes it a nice appetizer.

Eggplant Salad (P390)


I never knew I would like eggplant! Haha. I just love the smoky taste of the Grilled Eggplants here. It even has Burrata which paired well with the Balsamic Dressing.

Quattro Formaggi (P520)


Truffle!!! Yeah, pretty excited with this pizza. Consisting of just 4 cheeses and that truffle, man, this was good! Another personal fave and foodies fave that day. It just had a overall good taste. The dough itself was pretty thin but quite good.

Carnevale (P950)


Just look at the amount of meat on this pizza! This one had Salami Milano, Bacon, Salsiccia, Meatballs, Prosciutto Cotto and Angus Striploin. Any meat lover will surely enjoy this. 

Gnocchi Ragu (P420)


This was a simple pasta dish with home made potato pasta in meat sauce. 

Porcini Risotto (P490)


Another simple yet flavorful dish! This one had Porcini Mushrooms in Arborio Risotto. 

Parpardelle with Truffle Cream (P450)


A recipe of Matteo’s lola, this dish was very generous in their Black Truffle Cream Sauce.

Gamberi Linguini (P425)


This one had a little kick all thanks to that chilli. It paired well shrimp on this pasta dish. 

Porchetta (P780)


UGHHHH SO LOVELY! It is one of the pricier dishes here but man, just look at how lovely it is. Let’s a take a minute or two to admire it.

Now for the taste, awesome! Haha. The seasoning of herbs and spices was just spot on. It came with this sauce but honestly, you won’t need it. It was good on its own. And oh that skin was just crispy!

Slow Cooked Short Ribs (P830)


Just tender and good, it paired well with the tomatoes and mashed potatoes. It’s one of those dishes that didn’t need much seasoning.

Grilled Tenderloin (P1,600)


I kid you not when I tell you that they do meat right. It well justifies the hefty price this one has. It’s not your ordinary meat but an organic, grass fed and 21 day wet aged beef. The taste? Pretty darn good!

Since I had work that day, I wasn’t able to taste the desserts. Yeah, I was a bit sad for that is my favorite part of any meal. Good thing this restaurant was just near my area. So I could taste any (or probably all. Mwehehe) of the sweets below. 😛

Coppa Tri Cioccilati (P450)


Macedonia di Frutta (P360)


Apple Crumble (P380)


It was one food-filled day! So many dishes that I had to drink coffee after. Haha. It was food coma at its finest. My personal favorite dishes were Formaggio Tomino, Wild Mushroom Puff, Quattro Formaggi and Porchetta. But their other dishes are just pretty good. I liked the attention to being authentic and staying true to their roots. It justifies some of their costly dishes. And since this is just near my place, I would definitely go back for some more of their authentic and delicious Italian eats. 🙂

Da Gianni Cucina Italiana
Westgate Center, 
Filinvest City,
Muntinlupa City
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dagiannimanila/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dagiannimanila/

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