The Macao Imperial Tea Stumble

I have never done a review on milk tea here in Manila. And I don’t know why. Haha. I guess I have considered it a staple much like those coffee chains around. But since this drink is still growing with other franchises still coming in, I have decided to finally do a review on this. So yes, you’ll be seeing milk tea posts every now and then.

This was an unintentional milk tea run. I was supposed to go to a different one but this was just around the area. I have been seeing those rainbow colored drinks on those nice containers trend at some point. For this branch, they have that iconic signage that just lights up the entire space. And for a milk tea, this branch was quite spacious. They had a lot of seats where one could relax with their drink.

Black Pearl Milk Tea (P110)

Nice addition to have that drink spill-proof!

I feel that to better gauge a milk tea place, I must have a taste of their basic offer. But I guess it differs from one tea place to another. My gut told me to get their Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea but I don’t know what happened. Haha. I found the drink to be quite okay. I could still taste the tea. The pearls were cooked real well too.

Next time, I’ll stick to my gut. When I told one of my colleagues at work, he asked if I got the cheesecake one. And in my head I was like “man, I should have gotten that one”. Don’t get me wrong on my choice. It was still pretty good but maybe, the cheesecake was better. Well, another try next time. But yes, I will be back in case I stumble upon it. In terms of price, other choices are pricey but the range offers are pretty good. They even have coffee and dishes in case tea isn’t your cup of tea. Mwehehe. I tried. πŸ™‚

Macao Imperial Tea
G/F Circuit Makati,Β 
Olympia, Makati City
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