Heading over to Gu chia chui

This was an unintended dinner out for me. I had packed dinner then but when people at the office wanted to dine here, who am I to resist? Mwehehe

I think this is fairly new here. When you think about it, there are hardly restaurants here that serve Singaporean Dishes. I could count or recall some with just one hand. So this came as a nice surprise. Plus, I kinda miss the local dishes there. I was happy when I saw the usual breakfast on their menu here.

Singapore Laksa (P280) 

To be honest, I am not a fan of Laksa. Maybe, I was a bit traumatized by my first experience of this. I had a first taste of this spicy local dish during my first visit in Singapore. My dad and I couldn’t find a resto that served this. So when we saw a stall serving this at the airport, we grabbed the chance to try it. Wrong decision because we hurriedly gulped this soup down an hour or so before our flight. So every time there was a chance to try it, I would politely decline. Since it has been years since that happened, I gave this one a try. And to my surprise, I liked this. It had the right level of spiciness to it. I feel that they toned it down more to suit the taste of Filipinos. I loved how creamy it was and how it had ample additions in (which is not visible in the photos above).

Singaporean Fried Bihon (P190)

This came as a surprise for me. Their version of bihon had this distinct spice that I couldn’t pinpoint. But for me, it worked. It gave this dish that Singaporean flair if there ever is such one. Hehe.

Laksa Fried Rice (P165)

This fried rice could very well be a dish on its own. It was quite generous with its additions. Though it was lacking that Laksa flavor for me, I still found it to be quite good.

Sambal Fried Chicken (P228)

I was expecting this to be spicy. I mean, the dish’s label demands for it. Instead, it was just one tasty dish. Still good though I was hoping for that heat to kick in.

Kangkong in Oyster Sauce

We were supposed to order their Lettuce in Oyster Sauce but sadly they ran out of that. We then suggested if it could be replaced with a different vegetable; hence, the dish above. If I remember correctly, this was priced at P150. Good thing we had a veggie dish just to act as a palate cleanser. We had such tasty dishes that night that we needed to have that balance in between. The dish above was simple though it consisted more of the stalks than the leaves.

Yay for a new dinner out place! I do find their dishes to be simply yummy that well justifies the prices of their dishes. It’s close to authentic as they did customize their dishes. Service was quite good. Really looking forward to trying more of their dishes 😛

Gu Chia Chui
3F RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue, 
Salcedo Village, Makati City

Gu Chi Chui Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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