Dinner stop at Nakau

So I couldn’t find the address of this branch. But I know it’s near where we stayed. It’s one of those “let’s grab a dinner somewhere” that we had our dinner stop here. It was one of those unplanned dinners that turned out to be good.

True to Japanese fashion of ordering, it was via a machine.

Good thing there was an English option for this!

Got our tickets, and we were almost ready to eat!

The diners were mostly locals who decided to have their quick dinner stop here as well before heading home. It was one of those chains that offer classic Japanese dishes. It was a good change. Before, we used to stay in Shibuya where the environment was simply alive. This was just quiet and serene. And this restaurant is the type where one can eat and go.

Japanese Style Beef on Scramble Eggs Bowl (Regular size at ¥ 540)
Teriyaki Eel Rice Box (1pc at ¥ 850)

Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl (¥ 490)

I got their Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl which is said to be their bestseller. In terms of taste, it was just okay. It had decent amount of chicken and rice. Good thing they have lots of condiments on the side should you want to amp up the flavor. The other dishes of my companions were pretty okay too.

Overall, the dishes were okay. Nothing outstanding but it is quite affordable and fast. Meals were decent and quite filling. No wonder it’s a usual stop for most locals.

Official website:  https://www.nakau.co.jp/en/


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