Chips and more at Calbee +

I have always enjoyed Calbee Chips. If I’m not mistaken, the first time I got a taste of it was in HongKong. It wasn’t available in the Philippines back then. So when I heard about this Calbee Shop on this vlog, I was so stoked! I knew we had to make it as a stop in Harajuku. There were other tempting snacks at that video that we dropped by some of those as well. But for this post, we’re focusing on this snack. Yum! 😛

So many chips, so little time! Hayyyy…if I could just taste them all and not gain a single pound. Lol. It really was indeed “Calbee +” as they offer more than just your usual potato chip. It was more of those premium potato chips with odd flavors that I know, weirdly works. Aside from those offers, they do offer freshly cooked potato chips which we had a go that day.

Maple Syrup and Cream Cheese Potato Crisps (Â¥ 330)

Hokkaido Butter Potato Crisps (Â¥ 290)

Poterico Salad (Â¥ 310)

Imagine having freshly cooked chips…can you imagine it? Can you imagine biting into crunchy chips and having that burst of flavor? Can you? Well I can and did! And I wish to experience it all over again. I love how they only have few offers but it was just so good. The maple syrup and cream cheese does seem odd but they just work. It had this slight tartiness and sweetness to it. The Hokkaido Butter one was just simple yet very nice. As for the Poterico Salad, one would just enjoy munching on it. I would liken it to over-fried fries but this one didn’t have that burnt taste.

Like I said, I do wish to be back here! From what I heard, their offers change from time to time. They do have a section, specifically on the 2nd floor, where you could enjoy those hot treats. But they don’t have seats so its best to have it on the go while strolling along Harajuku. 😉

Calbee +
1 Chome-16-8 Jingumae,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001,
Official website:


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