Another ZakuZaku please!

I could still remember my first croquant experience. Not sure if you call it a croquant or Zakuzaku but it was at this cafe in Hokkaido. It was just so good and creamy. Good thing there was another snack stop at Harajuku where I could have another go at this delicious snack. 😛

Croquant Chou Zakuzaku (¥ 250)

Ugh…just look at that filling above! So before I go on to the taste of this very yummy snack (oops, I think I just slightly described it 😛 ), this stall specializes on just that. They do have a following here in Japan where both tourists and locals line up for this treat. Once you step inside their store, you would see those lovely bites lined up beautifully on their counter. Those are baked fresh. Once you’re ready to order, they would place that generous fresh cream in. Most people order that but they do have soft serve ice cream which you could either have in a cone or a cup (priced at ¥ 450). Of course we had the zakuzaku and it was GOOD. There was more of the filling which I didn’t mind. It was creamy and tasted just fresh. It paired well with its crunchy exterior that added character to the snack. Ughh…it was just so darn good, I wanted another one! Haha 😛 

Since we had other stops that day, I skipped having another one. The serving size was actually ample for one. It’s another one of those snacks that you could bring along while strolling this interesting and busy section. Perfect for any season, make sure to have this as one of your stops when in Harajuku (or in Japan!) 😀

1-7-1 Jingumae | Cute Cube Harajuku 1F, 
Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, 
Tokyo, Japan
Official website:


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