Round 2 of that cream craze: Milk Craft Cream Cafe

And I just can’t get enough of that good cream! I don’t know about you but any cream snack just puts a smile on my face. Much like this cream place in Shibuya. Yum! πŸ˜›

Milk Cream Soft (Β₯ 600)

Parfait (Β₯ 700)

Good thing they have a take-out counter. We just really wanted to try their cream treats here. And did you see that line? People do line up here so I guess the food must be good. So, I won’t be able to describe the interiors. But their take-out counter is pretty cute.

We weren’t able to try their soft cream which is pretty much like an ice cream (I think). It was unavailable that day. We did get to try their new offer (back then) which was their Milk Cream Soft. It was basically a cream but man, it was really soft. I wouldn’t liken it to an ice cream. It’s the kind that you would place on top of a cake or a French Toast. It had a light yet nice taste to it. I did prefer their parfait. It was a mix of their specialty milk cream, tapioca, milky soft and homemade milk pudding. Too bad my photo there doesn’t show the layers. But man, it was the perfect treat that day. It’s a bit expensive but the components were just so awesomely good.

This is a short walk from the busy Harajuku. But the walk was nice as you get to see other restos. And maybe at the end of this short walk, you could grab a sweet treat here to reward yourself. πŸ™‚

Milk Craft Cream Cafe 
3-25-18 Jingumae | the SHARE 1F, 
Shibuya 150-0001, 
Tokyo, Japan
Official website:


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