The Golden Ticket to Gram Cafe & Pancakes

Yes, it does seem to be like that of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. When we last visited, this resto only serves 60 of their premium pancakes. And it is being served 20 per slot.  

See that schedule above? We were aiming for the 11AM slot. When we arrived, it was too late. Tickets were given so we had to wait for the next one. And wait we did. We were already in that area, and I am not one to miss those fluffy pancakes. I must have it! 😀

When we finally got in, the place was actually small. Good thing we got to sit at that nice lil corner there. It was very cozy and quite clean. I liked how minimalist it felt with all those green details. It makes one feel relaxed and calm.

Iced Tea (¥ 400)

Cafe au Lait (¥ 450)

I had the coffee (of course) as I can never have enough coffee. Haha. It was pretty decent. I had iced since it was a bit hot that day. It had a nice blend though gearing more on the milky side. As for the iced tea, it was the traditional iced tea where you would add the sweetener should you adjust its sweetness.

Bacon & scrambled eggs (¥ 1,250)

Trust me when I say that it was one big plate. I liked the overall balance with the side of salad. The pancakes here was pretty nice. But the bacon really stole the show here. It was good and the slabs were pretty thick. 

Mix Berry French Toast (¥ 1,200)

It was my first time having this kind of French Toast. And I liked it! All the berries here added that fresh character to the dish. 

Premium Pancake (¥ 950)

Now for the pièce de ré·sis·tance: Premium Pancakes! Yes, it’s those super fluffy pancakes that you just have to wiggle (like what I did. Haha). At first, I was worried that it wouldn’t taste good. I mean, it’s was nice to look at. But when I had a bite, oh man, it was worth the wait. I love how buttery and tasty the pancake was. It was nice to have it with some cream and sauce but it could very well stand on its own (see what I did there? 😉 ). 

It was worth it to have finally tried this! You betcha that I did have this on my itinerary. There are other places in Tokyo that serve souffle pancakes, and I bet those taste awesome too. But this was one of the more popular ones. The line does get long for this that both locals and tourists patiently wait for. Just be sure that each companion orders as that is a rule here (as far as I can remember). 

Since I am back in my home country, I am missing this. Will I line up for it again? Maybe. But there are other restos that serve this that I’m looking forward to trying out too. 🙂

Gram Cafe & Pancakes
1-9-30 Jingumae | FREG Harajuku 1F, 
Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture,
Official website:


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