Shopping in Tokyo?

Traveling to Japan always has this image of being expensive. I guess when you’re not in the Asia region, it probably would be. But if you are here in Asia (like me), there are countless discounted tickets in both budget and non-budget airlines. You can save in accommodation by having it in an Airbnb or look for a good hotel (if wary of the strict Airbnb situation). For food, you can save a lot in buying at convenience stores or eat like the locals do. The transportation in the area can take up most of your budget but if the destination is of walking distance, skip the train and enjoy the walk. And for shopping (goodies both for yourself and loves ones), it is very much possible. Just check out stores below that offer goodies at reasonable prices. 😊


Not sure if their branch in Shibuya is the biggest, but you’ll surely get lost inside! There is a label on what is being sold per floor but the labeling per floor is confusing. Can’t explain but when you get there, you’ll understand. Haha. This is not exacrly a discount store but you’ll find good quality material here. I was able to buy my Anello bag here at a good price. I like their service here too. The battery of my luggage scale died. They happily assisted me here. And yeah, you’ll enjoy looking through masks such as the one above. 😃

Tokyo Hands
Official website:

Nothing beats the original. They may have branches worldwide but I do believe this still carries the most offers. You’ll find lots of cheap goodies here to bring to your loved ones or buy for yourself. I’m particularly interested in the snacks. As the items are cheap, do be prepared for a line and the possible crowded spaces.

Official website:


I never knew Mega Don Quijote existed. We would always drop by Don Quijote for they offer a good deal of items at very affordable prices. But when I soon learned this existed, we dropped by a couple of times here during our trip. Haha. It was just so big! The Don Quijote branches are really good but I never thought it would be topped by this. They even have a crepe stall inside. The floors are arranged per offer but I suggest to first roam around, and then select what you will buy. You really need to be on the watchout and scrutinize carefully. The items itself aren’t organized much but the staff here would gladly help you if you need to find something. Do take your sweet time here shopping. Just make sure to pay at tax-free counters which is located at a specific floor (same with other Don Quijote branches). 😊

Don Quijote
Official website:

So yes, it is possible to do some shopping here. I didn’t know it at first. But ever since we dropped by these stores, we have kept coming back. The deals are quite good. Plus, it’s a chance to see some quirky offers. If this is not your thing, you could still stroll along Shibuya or Harajuku to do some shopping. The Uniqlo in Ginza is a stop too as the branch there is big (not sure if it’s the biggest) where a lot of tourists flock by. Surely, you’ll find something along that will remind you of your trip to this land. 🙂


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