The orange glow of Nanashi

There’s so just so many ramen places here in Tokyo. Yes, I was overwhelmed. And to think that I haven’t tried the franchised ones in Manila such as Ramen Nagi, Ippudo (tried their offshoot branch here) and Tsuta in Japan. I wasn’t targeting to try those. Good thing this recommendation came at just the right time. A big factor for me was the location too. And since we were in Shibuya that time, this ramen place was just perfect.

What I like about here is that they have a good space for those dining in groups. Of course, the space is bigger for solo diners. They get plus points too for their English menu.

Pork and leek with rice (¥ 324)

To be honest, I judged this. I mean, it looked plain. But once you bite into it, so flavorful! I liked how it was thinly sliced and so tender.

Juicy Pork Gyoza (3 pieces for ¥226)

Their gyoza was perfectly cooked. It had that right crisp at the bottom while retaining that nice chewy texture of the dumpling. And oh, it was juicy as its name suggests.

Baisen Ramen with Nanashi Noodles and flavored half-boiled egg (¥ 885)

Now on to the main show: the ramen! I liked the overall rich taste of its broth. The noodles had the right consistency that it went well with the soup. And the egg, oh my, can you see it? Just lovely! 😛

Look at the lovely smile of this lady! Good service at this ramen through and through

See that orange glow! Since there is no English sign, just be on the watchout for that orange signage. It really is one good stop in Shibuya. It’s right smack in the middle so it’s a good break from all those strolling/shopping.

2-9-10 Dogenzaka, 
Shibuya, Tokyo,
Official website:


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