Avoiding the long line at Marugame Udon

The lines do get long at this establishment. It was no wonder as the dishes are affordable and quite tasty too. One of my friends kept raving on about it that yeah, piqued my interest. On one late Saturday morning, we stumbled upon this. Lo and behold, there was no line yet. Finally time to try this one out. πŸ™‚

Menu as of November 2018

As you can see above, the prices are astoundingly cheap. For a Japanese resto, it is quite cheap. The variety of their dishes is quite nice too. I like the whole open kitchen. Also, you could choose from their sides which are nicely spread out on the counter. The place had ample seating but once it gets packed, it is quite packed. Service was still quite good though.

Katsudon (P190)

Different sides
Ebi Ten (P60)
Sweet Potato Ten (P40)
Tamago Ten (P40)

Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon (Regular at P210)

I couldn’t help but gush over how my chosen dish looked! Since it does have the name udon as its restaurant name, I felt it right to pick an udon dish. I opted for the regular size which was very filling. We had a lot of sides that time so it was just right. Some of their offers do have a large option which is great for those really hungry. But mine was just right. I loved the umami feel I got from the soup on this. The noodles were quite big (hello, udon!) but still had that right noodle consistency. As for the beef, just deliciously tender! Don’t get me started on the egg for it was just lovely. I would definitely get this in a heartbeat! As for my companion that time, he liked his Katsudon. I got a taste of it, and the meat was quite tender. The side were pretty great too with having that slight crunchy exterior.Β 

I am unsure how many branches this one has, but the one in BGC also gets a long line. With their dishes’ price range and quality flavor, I wouldn’t mind lining up for it. They do serve delicious food with lots of options to choose from. In case you want to avoid the long line, be there during their opening hours. You could feast your eyes on their choices, and happily munch on their dishes. πŸ˜›

Marugame Udon
3F Glorietta 4,
Ayala Center,Β Glorietta Complex,
Makati City
Facebook:Β Β https://www.facebook.com/marugameph/
Instagram:Β Β https://www.instagram.com/marugameph/

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