Finally experiencing Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro

Everytime I go around Greenbelt, I always manage to see this restaurant. I have been seeing it also on Instagram, and yes, I was drooling over their dishes. Who doesn’t like Vietnamese Food? Since I just got off from my spinning class, it was the perfect excuse to indulge a little that night. πŸ™‚

How cool are the interiors of this place! That wasn’t even a question. Haha. I do love the vibrant colors which their wall is just giving me. It has this outdoor vibe but we were sitting indoors. Hehe. We did get to take a peek of their outdoor seating which probably looked better in the morning.

Menu as of December 2018
Menu as of December 2018
Menu as of December 2018
Menu as of December 2018
Menu as of December 2018
Menu as of December 2018

They’ve got a good set of Vietnamese Dishes there. I was tempted to try their Banh Mi but I opted for something else that night. Oh, they have a lot of drink choices. I wasn’t able to get photos of that menu. But below are our orders.

Carrot, Orange and Apple Fresh Pressed Juice (P220)

I am unsure of what my friend ordered here. It’s either the Calamansi Mojito (P150) or just plain Mojito (P180). But since this has lime, it was probably the latter.

Mango, Papaya and Pineapple Fresh Blended Juice (P220)

I had the blended juice above. I guess mango really isn’t in season. It was more on the tangy side which I didn’t mind. Goes to show that they didn’t add anything to sweeten this drink up (I hope). I could taste the pineapple too but not much of the papaya.

Fresh rolls w/lemongrass tofu, rice noodles, greens & soya sauce (P250)

Crunchy Tri-coloured Rice Bowl with prawns and vegetables (P390)

And I had rice. BUT it was healthy! Well, according to the server. It was a mix of white, red and brown rice, hence, its name. It was also crunchy too. At first, I didn’t think it had prawns. But when you mix that bowl up, the prawns are definitely there. The serving size was quite big. I didn’t finish my whole bowl. In terms of taste, it was pretty good though I would suggest pairing it with another dish.

And the mystery of this resto has been unveiled! Well, maybe just for me. Haha. Not sure if I got a good dish that day. I was a little overwhelmed. But I am willing to try their other dishes for it looked promising. The dishes are quite pricey but service was pretty good. I’d probably give this another go. And next time, I’ll definitely order a Banh Mi.

Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro
2/F GreenbeltΒ 5,
Ayala Center, Greenbelt,
Makati City
Facebook:Β Β
Instagram:Β Β
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