My Asiana Airlines Experience

Another long flight to another land! And it was about time to try a different airline for that. Good thing we scored discounted tickets at this airline. So, how was my Asiana Airlines experience? 🙂

We rode two planes that day since we had a connecting flight at Incheon. And in both planes, the leg room was really spacious. It may not look like it at the photos (yeah, got a lot of stuff) but I could still stretch my legs out.

Yay for sockets! 🙂

In the latter photos, the tray table is during our long flight. I liked how flexible that was. I used it often whenever I would just have a cup of water.

The real winner here for me was their slippers! It just makes one’s flight more comfy. Now on to the food! 😛

I opted for meals that were distinctly Korean. Being that it is a Korean Airline, I am expecting it to be good. And it was! Both dishes were decently flavored. I liked all the additions to the main dishes. I felt healthy on plane. Haha. They do have other dishes too in case you’re not into rice or Korean dishes.

Overall, our experience here was quite good. The service was good too. Though there was a time that they served the breakfast a little late in my opinion. Some had no snacks in between. Well, most were asleep but it would have been a nice gesture if there were still some snacks. Still, I would try this airline again in the future. 🙂

Asiana Airlines
Official website:


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