How hot is 800 Degrees?

We got to try this out at the Tom Bradley International Airport. So, we never got to try the other dishes as this stall purely serves pizza. One can get creative with their pizza choice. But they do have standard offers which we tried some.



The serving can be good for one as it is of the personal pizza type. The consistency wasn’t the same as the Hawaiian Pizza had those burnt edges while the Margherita one doesn’t. I preferred the simple taste of the Margherita one than the one above.

Overall, it was just an okay pizza. We just lined up here coz it had the shortest line. We were supposed to go for Panda Express but the line was just long. In terms of service, the pizza was served in an ample time; however, it took us forever to get cups of water. Since they didn’t have bottled water, the cashier offered for just cups of water. But it took him a long time to serve us that. I wouldn’t praise his multitasking skills really. So yeah, it was a bit of a disappointing experience. I just hope that they improve on this. Or maybe the overall service in their kitchen version is better.

800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen
Official website:


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