Noypitz: The cure to being homesick

Nothing beats one’s local dishes. For every nationality, it brings that sense of comfort, belongingness and love. With over 8,000 miles from homeland, there are multiple Pinoy restaurants in the US. No wonder as a lot of Pinoys are residing here. One such resto that offers good Filipino dishes is this bar and grill in West Covina.

The interiors were simple. But I bet that the place comes alive at night where the crowd is entertained by the night’s performers. It was a slow night that day. But we heard that this place gets crowded during Fridays.

Menu as of November 2018
Menu as of November 2018
Menu as of November 2018
Menu as of November 2018
Menu as of November 2018
Menu as of November 2018

They’ve got a good set of Filipino dishes on their menu. These are the kinds that would make your homesickness go away. I wasn’t able to ask but I’m guessing most of these are good for sharing. We Filipinos love to eat with our loved ones because the dishes taste better. πŸ˜‰

Noypitz Platter ($49)
Garlic Fried Rice

For that night, we opted for their Noypitz Platter. It was one full “bilao” consisting of Crispy Pata, Lumpiang Shanghai, Grilled Chicken, Calamares, Pansit Bihon and Grilled Eggplants. We had their Garlic Fried Rice which was good. It paired well with our flavorful dishes that day. All of the dishes were tasty but I was fond of the noodles and chicken. And yes, those scissors really was part of the plating.

And this is just one of those restos that bring back a sense of the motherland. The whole time I was thinking and comparing it to the dishes back home. When you think about it, we all have different takes on different Pinoy dishes. So this is how they do it here. And it might just cure one’s homesickness. πŸ™‚

1230 Lakes Dr., Suite 102
West Covina, California,
United States
Official website:Β Β
Facebook:Β Β


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