Getting a good dose of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is one of those dessert craze that still gets a following. It seems to be a healthier alternative but when you add those toppings up, it’s pretty much the same. Still, I like that tangy taste at the end. Of course, I have tried a lot in Manila. It was during those days that I wasn’t blogging yet (but yes, the love for food is there. Haha). Luckily, I got to try it out in the US too. 🙂

There were lots of froyo options. Good thing that we can taste it first before choosing a final flavor. They have seasonal flavors too. I tasted all but settled to just one flavor which was their cake batter one. The others didn’t sit well with me.

Not sure how heavy mine got but I was the last to fill my cup. Haha. Since they only have one cup size, one could go overboard (guilty as charged). I was focused on the presentation too. Lol. Overall taste was quite yummy. To be honest, I really like my froyo to taste tarty. I mean, I don’t mind that because I’m still getting the good stuff. This one does taste like a creamy ice cream. I guess it’s catered to those looking for that good ice cream taste but still being a little healthy.

A lot of people come and go at this at this froyo stop. They have limited seating capacity so it’s more of a take out counter. Aside from the usual froyo, they also have a froyo cake. Interesting right? 🙂

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Official website:


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  1. Ah, this yogurt store! Saw it on one of the seasons of Undercover Boss! 😀

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