Rescued by Mitsuru Cafe

It suddenly rained that day. We arrived at Japantown to have a quick lunch before exploring the city. But it suddenly rained. It wasn’t a downpour but still, it would stop someone from enjoying the tour. Good thing this cafe just saved us from getting totally wet.

Menu as of November 2018

It was a small cafe with enough seats for its diners. Being there felt like I wasn’t in Los Angeles. It reminded me of those quaint little cafes in Japan. But will their dishes remind me of  the land of the rising sun?

Teriyaki Chicken ($ 13.50)

Mix Tempura ($ 12.50)

Tendon Rice Bowl ($ 11.50)

Unfortunately, their dishes were misses for me. The Chicken Teriyaki was pretty decent though it could’ve used more sauce. It was indicated that it was broiled. But it would’ve been good if it was grilled to have more of that smoky flavor. As for the Mix Tempura and Tendon Rice Bowl, both were pretty the same with their fried eats. The breading was just too thick for me. It wasn’t the light batter that one usually gets from tempura.

Japanese Cake

Their dessert fared better. It was pretty decent. I guess this is more of their famous offers here.

Since we weren’t able to tour the place, this place did save us. Some of the places there were closed like this famous okonomiyaki place. We were supposed to dine there. But I guess, this place was good enough. I would recommend to just have dessert here.

Mitsuru Cafe
117 Japanese Village Plaza Mall,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mitsuru Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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