Let’s go to Gaja Korean Kitchen

I have been seeing this kitchen on Instagram for some time now. So, I placed it on my checklist, and made a point of visiting this someday. And that someday finally happened. 🙂

Menu as of January 2019
Menu as of January 2019
Menu as of January 2019
Menu as of January 2019

I did take photos of its interiors; however, they suddenly replaced the beautiful images displayed. I dined here during the early weeks of January, and they changed it towards the end of the month. Apparently, the beautiful artworks were illegally acquired. They did owe up to their mistake, and changed their display. I applaud them for being honest and apologetic to the artist. Now, let’s get on to the food.

Loved everything here especially the fish cake 😛
Kimchi Fried Rice (P380)

One can have the spiciness level customized, and have the option of either chicken, beef, seafood or pork. You can also have it with or without cheese. We had the seafood one without cheese, and just mildly spicy. I liked how the egg was cooked. You really must blend it with the whole rice. It would then have this somewhat sticky texture. In terms of taste, it really was slightly spicy but you would hardly notice it. You would feel that kimchi flavor with that tangy taste. If you decide to go for this, it could very well be your meal as it is good on its own.

Kimbap Aburi (P360)

SO GOOD! Seriously, do eat this while still warm. The oozing cheese just makes you want to grab another big bite. I actually couldn’t believe this is an appetizer because it could easily make you full. With its beef bulgogi and that cheesy lava aburi sauce, you’re definitely going to be in for a treat. 😛

Honey Butter Chicken (P375)

Just when things were good, it was about to get even better. This twice fried and beer battered chicken drizzled with honey butter sauce is a must try! It does have this sweet flavor which balanced out with our other dishes. I liked how the chicken wasn’t greasy, and fried well.

I wanted to have room for their Korean Chili Lava Cake, but I guess that is for another day. I was so full already! Full but very happy in having visited this kitchen. Who knew that with each dish, it boasted with great flavor. I’m not going to be able to judge on the service since we were the only diners that time. But I can say the food is well worth it. Now, I just need to plan my next visit here. 😛

Gaja Korean Kitchen
2/F 8445 Kalayaan Avenue,
Poblacion, Makati City
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GajaPH/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/gajaph/
Gaja Korean Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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