Tefal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker: Cook more than just rice

Rice is life. Don’t you agree? Well, it is that kind of life here in the Philippines. You just can’t help partner that adobo dish with some yummy rice. Sometimes, we don’t get to cook that perfect rice. There are times that it could be undercooked or you have that burnt rice (tutong) at the bottom. Such a waste right? Fear no more as Tefal has the solution for you. πŸ™‚

Round in shape unlike the usual rice cooker, the Tefal Optimal and Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cookers seem to have taken inspiration from the palayok or the traditional claypot that Filipinos had used in the past to cook delicious rice and even viands with.

Both variants use the exclusive Tefal Spherical Pot technology that makes each grain of rice fluffier, flavorful, and superior in texture. This is made possible by its 62-degree golden angle that gives the ideal circular heat convection for homogenous and delicious cooking.

This 3D heating with uniform side, bottom, and top heat transfer gives optimal and balanced cooking performance – much better than that of the flat vertical-horizontal heating of other models.

The Tefal pot rice cookers also have Artificial Intelligence Technology with Fuzzy Logic that enables the rice cookers to determine different types of ingredients and deliver the best cooking performance by automatically adjusting cooking time and temperature, to always give tasty and perfect results.

β€œRice should not be bland and cooked by luck or what we call in the vernacular as patsamba-tsamba. As our staple food, rice deserves the best cooking possible. That is, with the help of the revolutionary spherical pot rice cookers from Tefal that will assure any user of tasty, convenient and versatile cooking,” said Julie Lim, Vice President for Business Development of Collins International Trading Corp., Tefal’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines of SDA.
β€œAnd Tefal is still at it – reinventing cooking – this time with rice. This staple food for every Filipino is very easy to cook, and anyone can do it – and yes, you can use any kind of pot or rice cooker to do it. But for Tefal, rice cooked in just any type of pot or electric rice cooker is not enough. This is because Filipinos deserve the perfectly cooked rice every time. And they can do just that with the Tefal spherical pot rice cooker. That’s why it is revolutionary,” said Michael Yu, Marketing Director Hongkong and the Philippines of Groupe SEB Asia, the world leader in small domestic equipment that owns Tefal.

Yes, it’s not just your typical rice cooker. It can cook more than just rice! It does come with a hefty price as the Initial Rice Cooker cost about round PhP8,000 while the Optimal Rice Cooker cost about PhP10,000. But it can replace other cooking appliances you have. With over 9 cooking programs for the Initial Rice Cooker and 35 cooking programs for the Optimal Rice Cooker, it may be your go to cooking buddy. Just check out some of the dishes served that day (yes, those were prepared using those amazing cookers!).

Chef Jason Ng, who is the brand ambassador for Tefal Appliances Philippines, raves about how he is able to cook everything with just the Tefal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker. He even did a demo on how to prepare multiple dishes that day.

Yes, you can use it for baking!

Indeed, this appliance can change one’s cooking game. No need for multiple appliances as you can do almost everything using this. This is perfect for those who have limited kitchen space. Perfect as well for those who just wants to use one appliance.Β  πŸ™‚

Tefal Appliance Philippines
Official website:Β  http://tefal.com.ph/
Facebook:Β  https://www.facebook.com/tefalappliancephilippines/Β 


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